Promote thyself, says consultant Joshua Wickman

April 19, 2017
Self-promotion is necessary in the field of business consulting, no matter how awkward it may initially feel. Entrepreneur business consultant Joshua Wickman knows that strange feeling of touting your own name well as he had to do so when entering the game in the Laguna Beach, California area after relocating to the region following his studies at the University of Utah. This Bachelor of Science holder, however, notes that a good success story can help with self-promotion -- simply by sharing your own positives, a couple great things you have done for previous clients and minor details about successes, you can self-promote without reading a resume.

Subtlety is key, mentions Josh Wickman. Do not be too grandiose or cocky, but share your successes and seem approachable in networking situations. After all, any good business consultant -- including fresh ones -- know networking is essential as well. Add a little social media to the mix for online presence and you’ll be well on your way.